Vario Gearbox Repair Fendt Massey Ferguson Dyna, JCB Fastrac

transmission vario fendt reparateur

Repair hydraulic gearbox vario hydraulic transmission of agricultural tractors FENDT, Massey Ferguson Dyna VT, JCB Fastrac and all the hydraulic tractor range AGCO, Valtra, john deere ZF, Claas, VNH, New Holland Cnh, Case IH, Deutz…

The Vario gearbox that we repair the most is the ML160, which is notably mounted on Fendt 818, 820 and 828 which is probably the most sold tractor by fendt at the moment.

The VARIO hydraulic continuously variable transmission was invented by the tractor brand FENDT in the 80’s, this type of hydromechanical transmission is very complex and specific.

Vario gearboxes, Vario module gearboxes, use a combination of hydrostatic and mechanical units, with single or double hydraulic motor, depending on the power output.

Continuously Variable Transmission Fendt Operation

We repair gearboxes of all series: fendt vario 200, fendt vario 300, fendt vario 400, fendt vario 700, fendt vario 800 and fendt vario 900. The ones that come the most are those mounted on the 800 series.

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Fendt vario gearbox serie 1000

The Fendt 1050 vario tractor develops 500 hp of power. available in four models: 1038,1042,1046 and 1050. Power ratings between 380 and 500 hp. 14 t tractor with tyres up to 2.35 m high

Since 2009, all Fendt tractor series have been equipped with this continuously variable transmission Vario gearbox

Fendt also supplies transmissions to Massey Ferguson and JCB and we also repair them.

The Bavarian manufacturer Fendt and this continuously variable transmission, developed in 1995, produced more than 250,000 Vario transmissions.

Reparation vario gearbox FENDT



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Reparation Vario gearbox JCB Fastrac

reparation vario gearbox Massey Ferguson

VARIO gearbox Tractor FENDT Reparation

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